Wine & Beer

Our wine selection has a wine for all tastes. We spend a lot of time working with our local wine distributors to be sure we have made a fabulous selection available for you. From the crisp tones of melon and mango from a good Pinot Gris or the oak and fruit notes of a Chardonnay for your seafood, chicken or pork to a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with the perfect acidity to create that melt in your mouth experience when paired with our premium beef . Please be sure to ask our talented staff to help pair your protein selection with the perfect wine to complement your meal.

Looking for your favorite Wisconsin craft beer? Look no further than TJ's! Our beers are hand selected for quality and for a wide selection of styles. So whether you want a nice rich Stout or Porter in the winter or a refreshing IPA or Pilsner when it’s hot out we have the brew for you. Check us out for those “hard to find” beers and for your favorite seasonal beers.

Wisconsin Cheese

Delicious cheese and Wisconsin, It's a natural partnership. With the Dairy State's healthy combination of fertile land and balanced climate, milk production excels. And Wisconsin's milk is not only impressive in terms of quantity, but also in quality. When the finest milk in the country is put into the hands of skilled and knowledgeable cheese makers, the end result is nothing less than exceptional cheese.
We search out the best cheeses we can find throughout the state of Wisconsin. At TJ's, we sell only the finest selections of award winning cheeses manufactured by the Dairy State’s best cheese artisans. To complete our product offerings we have a wide selection of Wisconsin Made Gourmet foods, including jams, jellies, honey, spreads, local salsas and more. Our complete food selection will compliment and pair nicely with any cheese purchase.