At TJ's, our mission is to offer the best quality, best tasting products we can find. We regularly source meat, poultry, game and other ingredients to ensure we are carrying the most delicious products available. And we hand-cut your selections to order for maximum freshness.
We are very proud of our beef selection. We source only beef from the very top tier of Choice and Prime grades. Our standards are based on quality, not breed specific, so all our beef is highly marbled for rich flavor and aged to perfection. The results are unsurpassed cuts of beef that provide exceptional flavor, tenderness and juiciness every time. Because when you’re dedicated to delivering legendary dining experiences, it only makes sense to start with the best and we guarantee each and every cut to be tender, juicy and flavorful.

Ground Beef

At TJ's our ground beef is ground fresh daily from 100% USDA inspected beef. Our butchers grind the beef from the chuck and inside top sirloin round. Never ever would we incorporate color, fillers, additives or binders…that would just be blasphemy. We can accommodate most request for special grinds such as different fat ratios, using different types of meats such as poultry, pork and beef ground requests including brisket and short ribs mix, highly recommended.

Sausage and More

We use the same quality meats you’ll find at our Butcher Counter to create our delicious sausages by hand in-house. Our new state-of-the-art sausage kitchen allows us to make our own sausage, brats, wieners, kielbasa, polish sausage, jerky and much more. 

TJ's is also proud to offer chicken wings, chicken breasts, breaded chicken, ducks and pork products ranging from bacon, sausage, ribs and chops.
In addition, TJ's Butcher Block also offers a complete deer processing service for hunters. After butchering and processing to the customer's specifications, the finished order is vacuum-sealed at no extra charge to help preserve the quality of the product.